Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here is the last page of the flashback. Now i get to use my lovely blacks again! Back to the safe zone.


Joe Karg said...

Cold blooded. I'm sure that beard faced bastard is in for some brutal payback. How many of the pages will you be featuring on the blog Shawn?


Dianna B. said...

Dude!! I did not see that girls death coming 0.0. Poor guy.

chris be said...

WOAH! that came out of nowhere mang. effective violence, like the touch of skin shavins comin off that guys face.

Shawn Crystal said...

Joe, i have no idea how much i'll show. I;m just going with the flow.

Diana, thanks for the shock and awe.

Be, I'm glad to see there is a nice shock value to this scene. Ande is weaving a lovely yarn. Now stop making me feel good about what I'm doing! Foul on the play! I believe i just used a sports reference, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!