Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stage 3

Here i've lifted the highlights out of the painting. I just took a wet brush and painted the shapes i wanted, then hit it with a paper towel and sucked up the wet watercolor. The Acrylic is coming through in those areas. Is it dead yet? I'm still going to finish this. I'll reserve judgment until then. I do think this piece would have benefited from some reference material and more thought, but in a class demo, i just don't have the time. Firing on instinct.


Jason Latour said...

I say keep pluggin. LIke you say it's an experiment...if it dies, it dies. I'm curious to see where it goes when start dropping in the shadows.

-J La

Shawn Crystal said...

Right. Well see where it goes from here.

Nolan Woodard said...

Learning curve even for us profs. I'm excited to see the end result too; sink or swim! We ought to post the best from your class on the Temple blog and show off the great work you and your students are producing.