Monday, November 16, 2009

Ramos revealed...

I said this before, now that i can show the image, i'll say it again!

So, yeah, when i was young (which i was at some point,) Ramos was my all time favorite. His work gave me "permission" to use my cartoony style. He could obviously draw on a very skilled level and used that knowledge to develop his cartoony style. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were all flash with no skill. So here i am now, working for Marvel, with Ramos drawing a cover for one of my books. If that wasn't cool enough, he's drawing my designs. He obviously worked really hard to stay TOTALLY true to my designs, which BLOWS ME AWAY. Thanks Ramos, you're out there somewhere. I can't believe you treated my designs with so much respect, as you can obviously draw me under the table. You've made this an experience i'll never forget.

Here's the CBR solicit

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ny Times Best Seller

As weird as it sounds, one of my books is on the NY times best seller list. There is a hardcvoer collection called Deadpool: Suicide kings. This book collects the mini series of that name, AND my annual, Deadpool: Games of Death. Both stories were written by Mike Benson, teaming with Adam Glass on the Suicide kings book. These writers have become good friends. Jew Crew in da house!

My name isn't on the site BUT i have the book in my hand and my story is in it. So Ny Times...You Betta Recognize!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Signing and interivew

As some of you know, i was Indianapolis this past weekend doing a signing at The Hero House. I had a blast, and the shop was awesome. Wayne and Mike are running a great store. As part of this weeked, i condcted an interview for the Indianapolis Examiner. I've done a few interviews now, and this is the first one where i feel like i didn't come off as a complete babbling idoit :)

Part 1

Part 2