Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Unstable emotions...

My editor suggested i really push the expression in this panel. Well, he couldn't be more correct. If you haven't worked with James over at Oni, YOU SHOULD!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

CUT! End scene 2: Pencils

Well, that was a HUMP to get over! I think on the last two pages, where i get to use black again, things start to click for me. I do see progression in my tech design throughout, which is good. Maybe by the time i'm done with this book my tech will look like I'm good at it ;)

EDIT. I fixed the first panel on the last page, so he is no longer the son of the hunchback and the elephant man. You'll see the fix in the inks.

Sometimes doing comics is like fighting a silent war while the world around you sleeps. My friend Brunner has inspired me to do a lil shout out. It's been a real challenge trying to get a graphic novel done around a family and a full time job. So any little bit helps. Brunner has really helped me keep the steam going into the late night. Thanks homey!