Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm still here...

Hello all,
I haven't given up on comics or fallen out of work. Quite the opposite! I've got three projects I'm currently working on at Marvel. None of which i can really talk about, or show anything for. Which sucks, but as soon as i can show something, i will! I am hoping to be doing more sketching and practicing, so look for some stuff soon. Maybe i need to do something like Murphy's Wolverine ABC's. Maybe thats too structured? I don't know, but i'll figure something out and start posting soon. Thanks for your patience!
In the meantime did you know about the other areas i maintain a web presence at?

Deviant Art
TWITTER - shawncrystal

Also, don't forget about my art rep, Cadence Comic Art.

I will be attending New York Comic Con, and i'll be posting journal about that soon.