Friday, March 28, 2008

Another scene comes to and end

And on to the next.


josh said...

Shawn those last two panels are intense!

I love the way youve slowed the pace down for this scene from the previous page.

we still need to get drinks sometime soon :)

Joe Karg said...

You're really flyin on these pages Shawn. Elio said your originals look like printed work they're so clean. That must take an incredible effort.


Joseph Lee said...

Great composition! Love the use of black on this one! Great job!

Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks for stopping by fellas.

Josh, yes, drinks, soon!

Joe, i would hardly call what I'm doing "flyin", but thanks.

Joseph, Thanks sir. I read you bit about juggling family and art on your blog. You said it all, perfectly.

Chris Bivins said...

Thanks for the birthday shout out Shawn. Appreciate it man. Page is looking real good man. Keep it up