Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We'll it's done. Strikes and Gutters. It suffers from a poor compostion, and poor planning, BUT i did throw it together for a class demo. If this was an actual job, i think some of the flaws wouldn't be there. Strikes and gutters. Cool technique though! For a first time, not too shabby.


Josh said...

I think this is quite successful Shawn. Youve captured a true sense of shape and volume, which is one of the real challenges of painting.

Id love to see more painting from you!


Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks Josh, it's good to hear. More painting to come.

EL GRANDE said...

More painting! We demand it:) Nice finish Shawn. That is a wild process you've got here. Those darks really pulled the image together.

You've always had such an interesting way of blending graphic elements with your figures, and it seems to bee evolving quite a bit lately. I like the way you're using these ribbon like effects in this image and some of your card work.