Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stage 2

I've added the watercolor stage, the mid tones. Next I'll lift the highlights.


George Cwirko-Godycki said...

i am really excited to see what this looks like in the end, thanks for showing the steps.

all your drawings are awesome by the way.

Joe Karg said...

Way to go Shawn. I can't wait to see the final. What type of paper are you using? I assume it's hot press, but I really like the textures you're getting in the background.

Also, how many stages are you working in?


Shawn Crystal said...

hanks for stopping by felas. I'm working in MANY stages. This is not hot press, the effects your seeing are due to using watercolor on top of thin acrylics. Next i'll lift out the highlights, then apply a muted purple oil wash over everything. and lift the mid tones and highlights with a needed eraser, fix it with a special fixative that leaves a texture, then work on top with opaque acrylics and color pencil. Personally, I'm not sure those effects in the background are a good thing. This is the first time doing this, for me, so I'm just trying to learn as i go. Next round should be better.