Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heroes Con 08: Edited with more sketches

What a GREAT show! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to look over my work, and or get a sketch.Here is one that was ordered but never picked up. I'll think I'll color it up and makes some prints for a future show. I'm not sure if Deadman is popular enough though, we'll see.


emilio said...

Hey Shawn,
It was cool getting to meet you @ the con.

Thanks for signing that SCAD poster for me, specially since it was late on Sunday and everything was already winding down.

I'll keep checking out your blog to see what's going on.


Shawn Crystal said...

It was nice meeting you as well. Please keep checkin in! See ya next year at Heroes.

OperationOrange said...

Hey Shawn, thanks again for the ink you gave me. I promise I'll put it to good use! Good talking to you, and I enjoyed your panel!

- Richard Bryan

Shawn Crystal said...

Sure thing Richard. Thanks!

Joseph Lee said...

Love the Deadman! Very cool!

Illink said...

Hey Shawn,that Thor looks sweet. You can feel the stretch. I strike that pose sometimes when I get up in the morning.

Chris Schweizer said...

I don't think you read him that much, but there's some kinship to Rick Geary in those Machine Man inks.

I love these.