Friday, May 30, 2008

Fire up the after burners

Me deadline is set. Time for me to kick it into high gear, to wrap this book up. Here is a trailer of sorts, of where the story is now. Also, these are what the final tones will look like. Here's to a VERY BUSY year coming up.

Also, please take a moment to stop by The Temple of Cartoon Mojo, i am extremely proud of the work my students produced this past quarter.


Joe Karg said...

Wow Shawn!!! These reds change the whole game. They look amazing. This next year's gonna be crazy for a lot of us huh? Keep up the great work dude.


Josh said...

Im totally loving this. I cannot wait to see this in its final format.


Jeff Cherry said...

Very nice. I agree these reds are putting these images in a whole new area. Love it!

Joseph Lee said...

Fantastic images! Looking forward to seeing the final product. And as to your question on my blog, YES! I'm definately planning on being there. Will you be at the artist alley?

Chris Schweizer said...

The reds were good before, but the new direction that you've taken them has kicked the whole project upstairs. This is going to be one gorgeous book. Gorgeous.

Unknown said...

GREAT work!! Beautiful!

Chris Bivins said...

wow shawn amazing. the reds really did a lot for the pages. im excited to see the rest of this book when its done.


Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks to all of you! I'm am REALLY glad the reds seem to be working out.
Joseph, I won't be in artists ally. I'll be bopin around, putting in some time at my publishers booth, Oni Press. Where will you be?
Alina, thanks!!!!!!

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Im digging that smoke effect