Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ok, next...

Enough of me going on and on about DPTU 896, lets move forward. Here's a fun little piece i did, to keep my cartooning blades sharp! Colors by Nolan Woodard. Wouldn't an all ages DP be fun????

I lied, a little. The Reviews are in..and it looks like the book is well liked!



-PQ said...

Dead, Kiddie Pool!

great reviews!! congrats!

Pat Bollin said...

That's f@ck!n cute... and really cool.

Shawn Crystal said...

Dead Puddle, HAHAHA! The Diaper Challenged Wee Wade Wilson!
Kiddie Pool, thats good.
Thanks fellas!

Nolan Woodard said...

Kiddie Pool is a winner of a name!