Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ramos brings the fire!

So, yeah, when i was young (which i was at some point,) Ramos was my all time favorite. His work gave me "permission" to use my cartoony style. He could obviously draw on a very skilled level and used that knowledge to develop his cartoony style. Unlike many of his contemporaries, who were all flash with no skill. So here i am now, working for Marvel, with Ramos drawing a cover for one of my books. If that wasn't cool enough, he's drawing my designs. He obviously worked really hard to stay TOTALLY true to my designs, which BLOWS ME AWAY. Thanks Ramos, you're out there somewhere. I can't believe you treated my designs with so much respect, as you can obviously draw me under the table. You've made this an experience i'll never forget.

I'll wait to post the image, i can't steal Marvel's thunder.

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