Friday, August 15, 2008

Carlos Meglia

Cartoonist extraordinaire, Carlos Meglia, passed away. He was 51. He was a landmark cartoonist in comics, and responsible for a look that people like Humberto Ramos went on to be inspired by. His name wasn't huge in the american market, but almost every artist knew his work in and out. Do yourself a favor and look at his blog, then run out and get Superman: Infinite City.

His work will be missed.

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J Gilpin said...


This guy is/was INCREDIBLE! He can go from Frazetta lush sensuality (that girl and jungle cat - the way the light dances! oh my!) in a painted image to a movie poster montage star wars image. Did you see that he had done a seminar back in May? I wonder if the event was recorded? I would love to see him in action - and sadly that type of documentation is the only way now. Kind of begs a cultural project to document our masters of cartoon art - with this fellow dying so young and Mike Wieringo passing completely unexpectedly we must be reminded of the mystery of life and not take it for granted.
Take care my friend and thanks for the news, sad though it be.